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One of the biggest challenges of being an Entrepreneur is going it alone. Our Mastermind Program places you with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who want to improve their businesses and accomplish more!

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Could you use help staying focused on the things that will actually drive your business? Avoid the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make and let your business coach keep you focused on what matters!

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Take the principles you’ve learned and put them into practice using the best tools available, including a profit-sharing calculator, KPI worksheet, plus much more. Expert Video Coaching Tips – For a quick hit of motivation or a simple tip to grow your business and become a better leader, you will have access to our curated expert video series.

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Benefits of Mastermind Groups

A mastermind group acts like an informal advisory board. As you work through our expert series of workbooks while immediately applying what you are learning to your business, your  mastermind group members can provide new ideas, accountability and insights. Whether it’s seeing how someone else tackles a similar problem to the one you are having or discussing an insight shared by one of our expert coaches, you and business will benefit.

Let Weekly Coaching Keep You on track

Accelerate your learning and success by participating in emerging entrepreneurs weekly coaching sessions, leveraging proven principles to grow your business, and learn practical applications.  Plus, you can have your business questions answered.

The Tools and Resources You Need to Run Your Business

Take the principles you’ve learned and put them into practice using the best tools available, including a profit-sharing calculator, KPI worksheet, and much more.

Are You Serious About Building The Kind of Business You Can Be Proud Of?

The difference between working on a successful business and struggling in your business isn’t as big as many people think. We’ll show you the proven strategies and techniques that you can use month after month to build the kind of business you want. Our ongoing coaching and mastermind groups will keep you accountable and following through on your plan.

Your Instructor


Shane Lawrence

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With over 20 year experience speaking to 1,000’s of small business owners, Shane brings his unique, no nonsense approach to helping small business owners succeed to Emerging Entrepreneur. Shane’s real world experience and insights into the development and implementation of successful business engagement strategies has been distilled into Emerging Entrepreneurs signature program, the Entrepreneur Mastermind. With a proven track record of sales results and entrepreneurial thinking, Shane has spoken widely on topics such as engaging small business, building better customer experiences and effective segmentation and is an expert on Small Business research and insights.

John Inglis, PopALock

“.. this well-thought-out approach to entrepreneurship, coupled with the fantastic benefits of getting feedback from other entrepreneurs, it really helped me work on my present business, adjusting it. I found it especially useful when it came time to make some tough decisions about my business.”

Holden Breau, Start to Finish Contracting

“Starting a business is hard and even though I have been running various businesses for a number of years, what really sets emerging entrepreneurs approach apart is the focused coaching and the mastermind group approach. It has helped me focus on the things that are really going to drive growth and profitability rather than things that were merely urgent or seemed important at the time. If you are serious about driving growth and networking with like-minded business owners, this program is for you.”

Brent Holmes, State Farm Office

“Shane is one of the most insightful people I know. His fact-based approach to challenging my assumptions based on his conversations with thousands of business owners has helped me make better decisions and grow my business in a thoughtful methodical way I also enjoy his fantastic sense of humor.”

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