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John Inglis, PopALock

“.. this well-thought-out approach to entrepreneurship, coupled with the fantastic benefits of getting feedback from other entrepreneurs, it really helped me work on my  present business, adjusting it. I found it especially useful when it came time to make some tough decisions about my business.”


Holden Breau, Start to Finish Contracting

“Starting a business is hard and even though I have been running various businesses for a number of years, what really sets emerging entrepreneurs approach apart is the focused coaching and the mastermind group approach. It has helped me focus on the things that are really going to drive growth and profitability rather than things that were merely urgent or seemed important at the time. If you are serious about driving growth and networking with like-minded business owners, this program is for you.”


Brent Holmes, State Farm Office

“Shane is one of the most insightful people I know. His fact-based approach to challenging my assumptions based on his conversations with thousands of business owners has helped me make better decisions and grow my business in a thoughtful methodical way I also enjoy his fantastic sense of humor.”


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