Is there an age to be an entrepreneur?

Have you ever asked yourself about your passion? What do you really like to do? Are you prepared to be an entrepreneur? Do you feel ready to do it? Everyone gets its time. Don’t wait on it, go find it and depend mostly on what you are ready to do to make that major step.

I’m putting you two examples: let’s suppose a young, single person without children could tell itself that he or she has little to lose, that they are launching a business. If he fails it’s relatively easy for them to get a job or for them to return living with their parents. He succeeds easily but lives with the experience of a business that didn’t really work for him: now let’s suppose a 45 or 50-year-old person with children in university, at the border of their expenses has a level of life that demands a sustained income and has no savings to be able to say that he can survive without working for two or three years without perceiving other incomes. In this case, the panorama changes and the pressure is completely different. Both examples are people that can launch their own business.

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Age is not determinant to succeed, a very popular case is that of Colonel Harland David Sanders, the father of KFC who launched his business aged 70. He went from door to door until he got what he wanted and it was a huge success, so much so that he was a pioneer of restaurant franchises. An inspiring example of people that start at a very advanced age.

If someone asked me: what is the perfect time to become an entrepreneur, I would say: when you feel like you’re ready” if you don’t feel ready, it doesn’t matter if you have 20, 30 or 50 years you won’t obtaining, because at the end, what matters most is what each person sees inside itself, how much can he achieve, what he wants to achieve and if he won’t deny himself the opportunity of seizing the moment.

We have mentioned just some cases that show that age doesn’t really matter to become an entrepreneur. You only need to want to do it, that is why in Emerging Entrepreneur we have the tools to succeed. This moment is your moment!


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