One of The Biggest Challenges of Being an Entrepreneur is Going it Alone. Join a Group of Like-minded Entrepreneurs Who Want to Improve Their Businesses and Accomplish More!

Experience the benefits of peer learning and group accountability while working through our expert program to accelerate your entrepreneurial development. We will make you a better Entrepreneur.

The concept of a mastermind group was introduced by Napolean Hill in his timeless classic “Think and Grow Rich.” He cited it as “the coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony”.

Effective mastermind groups create a type of synergy of energy, excitement and purpose that elevates all of the members of the group to greater prosperity. In other words, when each group is working closely on coordinated topics and going through similar challenges in their own business growth rather than being left alone to solve the problems of each business alone, members will have an entire think-tank helping with resources, problem solving, and accelerating member’s business   growth without you having to experience dilemmas first hand.

As entrepreneurs, there is a certain common mindset that motivates us to own our businesses, and people who earn their living being an employee just don’t understand. Business is tough. In fact, it’s so tough that some 95% of companies go out of business before making it to the 5-year mark, and only 4% make it to the 10-year mark. Mind you, the 4% that make it to the 10-year mark only account for businesses still standing. Even less are successful.

What’s more alarming about that statistic is that it’s never big or unique reasons that make the 95% go out of business! It’s always small tiny mistakes made again and again that are being made by other businesses repeatedly. It comes from a lack of planning, a lack of taking action and a lack of resources. Why learn those mistakes the hard way? Learn from your peers, be held accountable to your action plans, and build your business to flourish and not to just “exist.”

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John Inglis, PopALock

“.. this well-thought-out approach to entrepreneurship, coupled with the fantastic benefits of getting feedback from other entrepreneurs, it really helped me work on my present business, adjusting it. I found it especially useful when it came time to make some tough decisions about my business.”

Holden Breau, Start to Finish Contracting

“Starting a business is hard and even though I have been running various businesses for a number of years, what really sets emerging entrepreneurs approach apart is the focused coaching and the mastermind group approach. It has helped me focus on the things that are really going to drive growth and profitability rather than things that were merely urgent or seemed important at the time. If you are serious about driving growth and networking with like-minded business owners, this program is for you.”

Brent Holmes, State Farm Office

“Shane is one of the most insightful people I know. His fact-based approach to challenging my assumptions based on his conversations with thousands of business owners has helped me make better decisions and grow my business in a thoughtful methodical way I also enjoy his fantastic sense of humor.”

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